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Agraria- Fine Fragrances

Agraria is a San Francisco based fragrance company. These stunning perfumes have their roots in interior design. The founders Stanford Stevenson and Maurice Gibson believe that homes that look fabulous should also smell fabulous. "No great home is ever completely decorated until it has its most important accessory – home fragrance."

The company and the scents have come a long way from the first out of ‘Bitter Orange’ made in the back room of the shop in San Franisco but the commitment to detail is still there. The range as expanded from potpourri to candles, tassels and diffusers.

The history of interior design is clear in the diffusers. Agraria diffusers are made from balsa flowers styled in to the shape of the sola flower. The balsa is soft wood know for the light soft properties.

All the fragrances have their bases in nature- from the Lemon Verbena to the Mediterranean Jasmine. The products are all vegan and are formulated with 100% natural and essential oils These oils are perfume grade. This high quality provides a long lasting scent throughout your home.

Shop the full collection here.

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