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At The One Source we are proud to offer a carefully selected range of luxury products from our valued suppliers. We work in the field of luxury gifts, tableware, decorative accessories and fashion jewellery. The One Source features carefully curated items and we hope you enjoy looking through our collections. New ranges are being added continually, so you will always find something new to help with your selection of gifts – or of course to keep for yourself!

  • Lalique famous for their factory in Alsace, France - chic and timeless gifts from fragrances, jewellery and crystal.

  • Agraria Home Fragrance - from San Francisco, renowned worldwide for their luxury natural essences​

  • Mackenzie-Childs - homeware and cookware, an eclectic collection designed in Aurora, USA.​

  • Anna New York  - a home collection from the US inspired by nature, using semi-precious stones and gems.​

  • Loet Vanderveen - a collection of limited edition bronze sculptures inspired by wildlife.

  • Blue Pheasant - a range of dinner and flatware designed to be mixed and matched

  • Pigeon and Poodle- stunning ranges and collections of home accessories and cleverly designed storage solutions. 


Our Brands 

Lalique Jewellery - we are delighted to supply many items from our stocks that are no longer in production. This means that you can long admired or sought-after gift from a world-renowned brand, safe in the knowledge that it will not be available through general release anywhere else in the world. At the same time, the full Lalique Jewellery range is available so you can also choose the latest designs.


Agraria Home Fragrance – we are offering features beautiful items in packaging that has been superseded by slightly altered designs, therefore you are purchasing the same fragrances at a preferential price, enjoying the world of Agraria for less.


Mackenzie-Childs – again our featured ranges and items include retired or out of collection items. They are however first quality pieces (except where stated) that you can purchase with confidence.


Anna New York (formerly RabLabs) – this fashion led brand frequently launches new collections and clients are disappointed when they cannot locate the retired pieces – we can help in many of these circumstances to hep you find the gift of your choice.

We are also source a variety of discontinued items from other luxury brands such as Hermes and Wedgewood. 

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