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Here on the farm, the rhythmic lullaby of our lily pad philharmonic -the bullfrog bass line, the spring peeper's twangy strum-is often interrupted by the kerplunk of a splashing soloist, reminding us that no creature embodies irreverent charm quite like the humble frog. That juxtaposition of subdued and silly inspired our Frog Garden Collection.

Crafted of cast metal with a rustic green patina, these amphibian accessories let you bring the music of our home to yours. A handsome guest even when keeping quiet, our Frog Dinner Bell calls your tadpoles to the table with enough over-the-top charisma to get the whole family giggling. This cast brass prince of polliwogs is a decidedly analogue way to ring in dinner in a digital age.

Frog Dinner Bell

SKU: 210-1501
£231.00 Regular Price
£173.25Sale Price
  • 4.5" wide, 19.5" tall, 8" deep

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