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Blue Pheasant

The perfect meal isn’t effortless, but it should be worth every ounce of work you put into it and then some; we’ve created Blue Pheasant to help make sure it is.” Blue Pheasant


 Mealtimes, glorious mealtimes, would be an anthem for Blue Pheasant and we agree with them! Particularly when using their stunning products. 

Blue Pheasant not only sell ranges of dinner and flatware, glassware and placemats, but also linens and tableware. The dedication to detail and craftmanship that is lavished on each pieces ensures the exclusivity of their handmade items.

Whether it is their traditional collections or their more modern takes on design, all pieces within each collection are designed to work with another. Coordination is key. Ensuring that your table will look stunning every time. However, it is not just dedication to design which sets Blue Pheasant apart, it is their attention to the practical details, from the weight of the cutlery to the feel of the glass in your hand, items are functional as well as beautiful.  


Shop the Blue Pheasant collection here.

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