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Spotlight on : Anna New York

Founded in 2002 by Anna Rabinowicz, Anna New York started as a female-owned and run company. Anna started the company in her grandmother’s basement and now her daughter has started to work for the company. They are very proud to be a female owned and run company but the designs are for everyone.

Collections focus on organic materials and twinning them with precious metal. The pieces are both functional and stunning. Practical but designed to ensure that they being an elevated aesthetic to the home.

Anna New York is a luxury homeware and lifestyle brand. Interestingly Anna’s own background while in design started it was in product design and engineering and the medical sector. She worked on devices for cardiac surgery and also prosthetic knees. Anna New York was founded while Anna was working as a Professor of Product Design and the University of Stanford.

As the products are all made with natural stone and precious gems- each piece is unique. Whether is statement pieces such as the Amare coffee set or the colourful coasters the attention to design detail is clear.

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